Royal Caribbean Freedom Of The Seas

Design & Installation of Pool Deck, Solarium and Jacuzzi LED Lighting systems

With a renowned dynamic and professional approach, Peel AV offered unique hardware and installation solutions for Royal Caribbean’s (RRCL) ‘Freedom Of The Seas’ as part of the luxury 3,500+ passenger Cruise Ship multi-million pound re-fit project.

We supplied and installed a range of outdoor architectural and ambient LED lighting fixtures to meet specific client requirements, and our team of experienced engineers providing the highest quality installation service.


With the Solarium and Jacuzzi areas equipped with over 50 x Marine Grade architectural/ ambient LED spots and uplighters, the project including on-site installation was executed on a stringent timescale to ensure the vessel was ready to sail for pre-booked passengers.

The Solarium area required a vast spread of architectural lighting to adequately cover an integral part of the Pool Deck, whilst also allowing flexibility and control for dynamic and ambient effect. As an optimum solution for this, Peel sourced a robust but elegant LED Spot, the IP67 RGBW 85W fixture with optional 40-degree lens and custom cabling, purposefully designed for Marine Grade installation, custom painted to match aesthetic requirements, offers a product ideally suited to the client’s needs, an understood necessity throughout all Peel AV’s projects.


Previous fixtures had been completely removed, and with not having been previously data controlled, entirely new cabling was required to allow the control needed to maximize the effect of the new units.


Working closely with on-site re-fit project managers, and on-board Ship’s technicians, the new control position for these units was specified, new cabling ran as required, and with already existing mains feeds to each fixture needing to be intercepted and modified for requirements of the new hardware.


Previous mounting positions being re-covered before the re-fit project posed added complexity for the Peel engineers and required 'out-of-the-box' thinking to find the most effective solutions to overcome the thick steel substructures and extremely limited access points for fixtures, all with a time pressured deadline.


Similarly, the Jacuzzi area with limited space for housing fixtures, complicated cable runs, and difficult positioning, required again a unique and optimum solution for this. Peel sourced in-ground LED uplighters, purpose designed for Marine Grade installation, with on-board power supply, remote control options and custom housing - to offer a reliable, durable and effective, yet moreover flexible solution which the project necessitated.